Campus News– Developments around Cartmel

….to our slate of new officers to be– Ken McKelvey, President Elect and Ruth Crawford, Secretary. Thanks to our President, Pat Mapps who will now become Past President ,Vicky Tribbitt ,for her service as Secretary, Spencer Gates who was Past President. All of them deserve kudos and a well deserved rest.



The Social Committee will be sponsoring a gathering on the mall this Friday, May 14, from 4:30 to 6:30. Bring your chair, snack and drink. At this point, we won’t be sharing food and drink. 


Did you know that….

If there is some kind of disaster such as a fire, KCC contacts residents using Single Wire. It is really important that the phone number is correct and one that you check. ..

That if you don’t have an email or phone number on file with KCC , your name etc will not be listed in the current directory…

or if your phone number and or email has changed  KCC won’t change it without  a written request….

Do you need to  reserve a room for a meeting at Kendal or Crosslands?

What you really need is to do is  use these newly created e-mailable forms.



Around Cartmel…a photographic look at what it is going on.

Windermere Social April 28th


Phlox blooming at the entrance to White Oak







It is nice to see people socializing in small groups outside again after the long winter and COVID restrictions.

If you have time look at what is is blooming along our trails….. and  it’s good exercise too!




Lisa Marsillio’s latest memo regarding COVID restrictions is here. It details of restrictions for meetings outside among other things. Read the full letter here or look for it in the posts on the side panel.


New Post Hand Drawn Lettering. For Blog, Banner, Website And.. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 104657069.


FROM KCC–a program called FallProof is now available. It helps older adults maintain balance and preventing falls. The borchure is part of the post that you can see here.

If you missed the Vitalize 360 program on Thursday, you can watch it here. Or check out the post on the right hand side.

Here is a new post on the Choices committee presentation with Ed Plasha on financial concerns if or when you move to Kendal or Crosslands. Also don’t forget to answer their questions about Resident Care. You can see a copy of the email here.

If you are looking for the recording of the last CRA meeting look no further. Here it is a s post.

Dt Tallamy’s Monday Lecture is here as well as the links to the sites that he mentioned during his lecture.Here is a video of Monday’s meeting at Crosslands.  It covers planned reopening, vaccinations and housekeeping among other things.



Campus - Kendal-Crosslands Communities

    The latest about Revitalization plans? 

Design Charrettes for Crosslands

Design Charrettes for Kendal




Upcoming Events and other interesting posts from our sister sites

RA: We Play House Recordings - Record LabelCrosslands is now providing some recordings of their events. If you would like to see what is available, check them out here


Click a link below to see all upcoming featured events at Kendal or Crosslands:

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The are no upcoming
Cartmel events during the coronavirus pandemic.