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    Charter:  The Communications Committee is responsible for managing the distribution of information to the community.  The Committee handles mail messages, either electronic or paper,  as well as maintains and periodically distributes the Cartmel Residents’ Association Directory of phone numbers and email addresses. The Committee also has established and maintains the community website,

    Chair:     Charmaine Gates

    Members for 2019-2020:  George Franz , J Hendrix, Jim Swasey

    Website Subcommittee: Charmaine Gates, Steve Conary

    Meetings: Scheduled on an as-needed basis

    Note:      The Courier is handled by a separate committee.  However, The Courier and Communications Committees coordinate as needed.


    Cartmel Communications Guidelines
    Mail Delivery Instructions 2020-2021


    Comments and content for inclusion on the website can be sent via the contact form on the
    home page.