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    Section 1.01 Name
    The name of this organization is CARTMEL RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION.

    Section 1.02 Purposes

    1. To promote and further the common interest and welfare of the residents of Cartmel and to receive and act on recommendations from members in order to help achieve these objectives.
    2. To communicate and cooperate with the Administration and the staff of the Kendal-Crosslands Communities (KCC) in promoting a healthy, enjoyable, and useful community life and in upholding the Mission Statement of the Kendal-Crosslands Communities.
    3. The Association does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit.
    4. The fiscal year of the Association shall coincide with the terms of office of its elected officers.

    Section 1.03 Membership and Dues

    1. All residents of Cartmel are and shall be members of the Association.
    2. Annual Dues shall be set by the Executive Committee at its March meeting.



    Section 2.01

    1. Meetings of the Association shall be held at such places and at such times as may be determined by the Executive Committee. Meetings are held monthly, except for July, August and December.
    2. The meeting in May is designated for the election of officers.
    3. A special meeting of members shall be called by the President on the written request of not less than ten members, or by a majority of the Executive Committee, to be held for the purpose stated in the request or by the Committee.

    Section 2.02 Notice of Meetings

    Not less than five days’ notice of each meeting shall be given to all members, in writing, by the Secretary and/or by notice published in the Cartmel Courier.

    Section 2.03 Quorum

    The presence in person of more than one-third of the Association shall constitute a quorum.

    Section 2.04 Voting

    Members may vote only in person. The presiding officer shall decide whether there is general agreement or the need for a majority vote (show of hands, by voice, or by ballot).

    Section 2.05 Conduct of Meetings

    If an issue cannot be resolved by general agreement, deliberations of this Association shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


    Section 3.01 Composition

    The Executive Committee consists of the President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President, and a Member-at-Large who shall be selected by the Officers of the Association The Committee shall:

    Section 3.02 Duties

    1. Exercise all the powers of the members between meetings of the members when circumstances do not permit waiting for a regular or special meeting.
    2. Establish committees as necessary to accomplish the needs of the Community.
    3. Give advice and consent for a chairperson for each committee.
    4. Review as necessary, by oral or written reports, the work of the committees.
    5. Invite the KCC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) to attend all monthly meetings.
    6. Invite to its meetings members who wish to present a special concern.
    7. Provide for the annual review, by a qualified individual, of the financial records of the Association.
    8. Approve all non-customary expenditure of Association funds.
    9. The Executive Committee may appoint a resident to assume the duties of an Executive Committee member on a temporary basis.

    Section 3.03 Quorum

    The quorum for the transaction of business shall be at least three members.


    Section 4.01 President

    1. Presides at Resident and Executive Committee meetings.
    2. Proposes incoming committee chairs (or co-chairs) in consultation with present committee chairs.
    3. Calls special meetings as necessary.
    4. Maintains liaison with the Administration of Kendal-Crosslands Communities.
    5. Represents the Cartmel Residents’ Association as an ex officio member of Kendal-Crosslands Board or at other events as needed.
    6. Maintains a bank authorization to sign checks for the Association.
    7. May attend committee meetings as an invited guest or appoint a delegate.
    8. Serves on the Executive Committee

    Section 4.02 President Elect

    1. Acts on behalf of the President, as necessary.
    2. Assumes the office of President at the end of the May meeting of the Association.
    3. Takes responsibility for arrangements for meetings and other organizational tasks as requested by the President.
    4. Serves on the Executive Committee.

    Section 4.03 Treasurer

    1. Collects members’ dues, as determined by the Executive Committee, annually, in April.
    2. Pays bills as submitted and reconciles monthly bank statements.
    3. Presents a report to the Executive Committee and the Residents’ Association at their regular meetings.
    4. Maintains a valid signature card at the bank.
    5. Acts on behalf of the President or President Elect if neither is available.
    6. Serves on the Executive Committee.

    Section 4.04 Secretary

    1. Distributes notices for Resident and Executive Committee meetings.
    2. Prepares and distributes Minutes for Residents’ Association and Executive Committee meetings, compiles the committee lists for the coming year, and prepares other communications as necessary.
    3. Acts on behalf of the President, President Elect, or Treasurer if all are unavailable.
    4. Serves on the Executive Committee.

    Section 4.05 Past President

    1. Serves on the Nominating Committee.
    2. Serves on the Executive Committee.


    Section 5.01 Nominating Committee

    1. In March of each year, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five members, one of whom shall be the Past President. The Executive Committee shall appoint the Chair. The membership shall represent, in so far as possible, each cluster of homes, including one each from upper and lower Ingleton Circle.
    2. No member of the Committee nor their housemate may be nominated for an elected position.
    3. The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of candidates for President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary, which shall be announced at the April residents’ meeting and in the May Cartmel Courier.

    Section 5.02 Election of Officers

    1. Election of officers takes place at the May meeting.
    2. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties immediately.
    3. The term of office for the President and President Elect are each one year. They may not serve a second consecutive term.
    4. The term of office for the Treasurer and Secretary are each one-year. They may serve for more than one term, but not more than three consecutive terms.

    Section 5.03 Independent Nominations

    Not less than fifteen days before the May meeting any five members of the Association may present to the Executive Committee, in writing, nominations of one or more other persons together with their written consent to serve if elected.  Any such nomination shall be made known to the Cartmel community by the Secretary in the same manner in which meeting minutes are distributed.  There shall be no nominations from the floor.  When more than one candidate is presented for any office, election shall be by written ballot.

    Section 5.04 Vacancies

    If the office of President becomes vacant, the President Elect shall assume the office of President and thereafter complete a full term as President.  For other officer vacancies, the Executive Committee shall propose a name for presentation at the next member’s meeting for voting as described in Section 2.04.


    Section 6.01 Establishing Committees

    1. The incoming President, before the June Executive Committee meeting shall select chairs (co-chairs) for standing committees, and seek agreement to serve from each, to begin after the June meeting.
    2. The new committee lists will be circulated to all residents and published in the September Cartmel Courier.
    3. Each committee shall have a minimum four persons, especially encouraging participation of new residents.
    4. Formal and informal liaison between committees is encouraged.
    5. No one may serve as Chair of a committee more than three consecutive terms.
    6. Committee Chairs may select a Vice Chair(s) from among the members of the Committee. Committee Chairs may create sub committees to assist in the effective operation of the committee.

    Section 6.02 Committee Responsibilities

    1. Committee chairs shall hold meetings, open to any member requesting an invitation, as necessary to carry out their responsibilities; report to the Executive Committee in person or in writing, at the request of the president; report to the Association at monthly meetings, at the request of the President; prepare articles for the Cartmel Courier.
    2. The Caring Committee is established to build a sense of community among caring neighbors.
    3. Cartmel Courier Committee, including an Editor and other volunteer resident members, is responsible for publishing a community newsletter.
    4. The Communications Committee is responsible for the distribution of community notices, either electronic or paper, and shall maintain and periodically distribute the Cartmel Residents’ Association Directory of phone numbers and email addresses.
    5. The Landscape Committee is responsible for monitoring maintenance and improvement of the mowed and landscaped areas of the Cartmel campus.
    6. The Meadow and Woods Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the maintenance and improvement of most of Cartmel’s natural areas.
    7. The Property Committee is responsible for monitoring the maintenance and improvement of houses, roads, and driveways in Cartmel.
    8. The Social Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing social activities which are generally appealing to residents.
    9. Other groups such as those concerned with Archives or Emergency Procedures Handbook, function with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.


    Section 7.01 Ratification

    Any or all of the provisions of these Bylaws may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Association attending any meeting duly convened at which a quorum is present, provided the notice of such meeting as provided in Section 2.02 shall state, in summary form, the proposed amendment, or state the Section to be repealed.  All amendments take effect immediately following adoption.

    Approved and adopted at a meeting of the Cartmel Residents’ Association held on October 22, 2018.

    Link to official, signed version of Bylaws